Ford to unveil a solar-powered hybrid car.

WSJ blog: “Ford Motor plans to roll out a solar-powered version of its C-Max hybrid compact car during next week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. ….The C-Max concept car uses solar cells on its roof to charge a range-extending battery instead of plugging into the electrical grid.” “It also uses specially designed lenses that concentrate the sun’s energy on the solar cells like a magnifying glass. As a result, the roof panel gathers much more power than solar panels mounted on some previous cars.
Ford said the concept has the potential to deliver the performance of a plug-in hybrid even when no traditional electrical outlets are available.
Because the show car is based on the C-Max that is already on the market, it seems more likely Ford will eventually offer similar solar systems to consumers.
….With a full charge, the solar version of the C-MAX is expected to have a total range of up to 620 miles including 21 miles on battery power alone-only miles. It can also be plugged into a traditional charging station or wall outlet when needed.”