Global investment in clean energy falls for second year running.

Guardian: “Global investment in clean energy fell for the second year in a row to $254bn last year, with green investment in Europe crashing by 41%, new figures showed on Wednesday.”
“….according to the figures released at the summit by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). It was the second year of declining investment in clean energy from a record $318bn in 2011, the research showed.
BNEF’s founder, Michael Liebreich, said there were some bright spots in the decline. “The top‐line figures don’t tell the whole story,” he said in a statement.
He said the sharp fall in investment in Europe was partly the result of declining costs for solar panels, bringing down the costs of rooftop solar. Even with the lower figures for clean energy investment, global solar installations grew by 20% last year.
Meanwhile, Liebreich said there was new investor interest in electric vehicles and renewable power projects.
But with big economies such as Germany, Italy and France scaling back government support for new projects, clean energy investment fell from $98bn to $58bn in Europe, a drop of 41%.
Germany saw the biggest decline, from $26.2bn in 2012 to $14.1bn last year – the lowest since 2006.
Britain, in contrast, saw a relatively modest decline from $14.3bn to $13.1bn.
Clean energy investment was even down in China – for the first time in decade – with a 3.8% drop. In America, investment in clean energy and technologies fell by 8.4% to $48.4bn, Bloomberg said.
The biggest exception to the downward trend was Japan, where clean energy investment rose 55% to $35.4bn last year, as the country tried to replace its nuclear power plants.”