Cuadrilla cannot frack until it solves radioactive-water disposal problem.

BBC News: “Energy company Cuadrilla has withdrawn applications for permits to frack in Lancashire after issues with radioactive waste. Fracking produces large volumes of water contaminated with low level naturally-occurring radiation.”
“The Environment Agency (EA) said it would not grant a radioactive substances permit until it was sure the water will be disposed of safely.
….When Cuadrilla Resources fracked at Preese Hall, Weeton the agency found traces of naturally-occurring uranium and thorium.
….Previous regulations classed the waste water as industrial effluent and Cuadrilla was legally authorised to discharge two million gallons into the Manchester Ship Canal after being processed at the Davyhulme treatment works in Trafford.
Flowback water is now classed as radioactive waste following European regulations which came in to force in October 2011.
Without a valid permit, the company can drill, but not frack and the operator and treatment works need a permit to safely dispose of it.”