China sets world record for annual national solar installation.

Guardian: “China installed a record 12GW of solar power in 2013, doubling its rate of solar installations, according to preliminary figures. This is more than has ever been installed by any country in a single year and means that China installed three times more solar energy in 2013 than the total UK solar capacity.”
“No country has ever added more than 8GW of solar power in one year before, according to an analysis by Li Shuo, a policy and energy analyst at Greenpeace East Asia. It is also more solar than China had installed in all the years prior to 2013 put together, according to Li.
The preliminary solar figures are estimated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) which tracks energy figures globally. According to BNEF, this figure may even rise to 14GW due to a rush to install solar energy towards the end of 2013 due to a feed-in tariff for large photovoltaic projects coming to an end by January 1. A final figure is expected by March.
….In total China added just over 100GW of new power generation capacity in 2013. According to figures from BNEF, this is larger than the entire electricity capacity of the UK or South Korea. Coal still remains China’s main power source with 39.7GW coal-fired capacity installed last year. Hydro power saw the next largest increase last year with 30.5GW added while wind saw 14.1GW added.
….The Chinese government is targeting up to 14GW of additional solar capacity this year, 60% of which they are aiming to be from roop-top installations rather than large-scale projects. According to BNEF, this will bring “additional legal and financial complications for developers” and they predict that this target will not be met but that there will be higher growth in 2015.”