"Are US LNG export terminals the next expensive flop in energy?"

FT Lex column: “….Members of Congress are clamouring for faster approval of permits for terminals so US natural gas can reach across the globe. Yet the first US facility, built by Cheniere Energy, will not come online until 2015, having cost $10bn.”
“Just a handful have received approval so far but more than 20 are awaiting word. While they wait, terminal backers should be nervous about the trajectory of gas prices.
With the latest approval in February of a terminal built by Sempra Energy, total export volume could be 8.5bn cubic feet a day. In a 2012 study by the US energy department, the highest volume of LNG exports envisioned was 12 bcf/day. The capacity of the facilities still in the approval queue: a whopping 30bcf/day (for reference the US is forecast to produce a total of about 80bcf/day by 2020).”