Paris bans half its cars from the streets for a day to fight air pollution.

Guardian: “The French government has halted a controversial scheme to ban half of the traffic from Paris streets after a single day, claiming that the experiment aimed at curbing harmful pollution had been successful and that the vast majority of Parisians had co-operated.”
“….Under the emergency regulations, 700 police had been ordered onto the streets from dawn to ensure that only cars and motorbikes bearing odd-numbered plates were being driven.
….the government decided against extending the restrictions because the weather conditions were improving and the pollution level would not breach the safe limit on Tuesday. But experts said it would take some time to determine the impact of the car ban on the pollution levels.
Minute particles of PM10 emitted by diesel exhausts, woodsmoke and industrial emissions are blamed for causing the smog. The level peaked last Friday at 180 microgrammes, more than double the safe limit of 80 microgrammes.”