Idea of US gas exports saving EU from dependency on Russia is "nonsense".

FT: “The head of Cheniere Energy, which is due to become the US’s first new natural gas exporter next year, said the ability of US energy to save Europe from its dependence on Russian supplies had been overstated.”
“Charif Souki, Cheniere’s chief executive, said that the idea of his company’s exports alone liberating Europe from Russia’s Gazprom was “nonsense” and that only six to eight of 20-plus proposed rival export projects were “real”.
But he said US exports could still make a “significant difference” and that the prospect of them was helping Europe’s gas buyers by giving them more bargaining power with existing suppliers.
The east-west stand-off over Ukraine has sparked a political debate over whether the US should loosen its energy export restrictions so Europeans can buy liquefied natural gas, or LNG, from America’s shale energy boom.
Asked if Cheniere’s terminal could rescue eastern European countries from their dependence on Russia, Mr Souki said: “It’s flattering to be talked about like this, but it’s all nonsense. It’s so much nonsense that I can’t believe anybody really believes it.”
Cheniere’s terminal, Sabine Pass in Louisiana, is due to export its first LNG towards the end of 2015. At full capacity it will send out 2.2bn cubic feet of gas per day, but Europe’s daily consumption is 40-50bn cubic feet, Mr Souki noted.”