Putin warns EU he may be about to turn off the gas.

FT: “Vladimir Putin warned that Russia was poised to halt gas supplies to Ukraine – placing European customers in jeopardy – unless immediate action was taken to resolve Kiev’s unpaid bills.”
“In a letter to European leaders, the Russian president said state-controlled Gazprom had a contractual right to force Ukraine to pay in advance for gas supplies, and would “completely or partially cease gas deliveries” if further payment violations occurred. The letter is the first time Moscow has so clearly threatened to cut gas supplies to Ukraine, a key transit route for 15 per cent of European gas.
Kiev on Friday announced it had signed a contract with Westinghouse Electric Company, based in the US, to extend the supply of nuclear fuel to Ukraine’s 15 atomic power plants until 2020, thereby reducing the country’s dependence on Russian sources.
It came as Kiev was still locked in a stand-off with armed pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, and marked an escalation of economic pressure ahead of a planned quadrilateral meeting next week between the US, EU, Ukraine and Russia to discuss the east-west tussle over the country following the departure of its former president in February.
In an indication of the tension, Nato warned on Thursday that a Russian force of 40,000 troops on the Ukrainian border was “at high readiness”. Moscow has repeatedly denied suggestions it is preparing for an invasion.”