Supreme Court backs coal-plant emission curbs.

FT: “The US Supreme Court has cleared the way for environmental regulators to curb soot and smog emissions from coal-fired power stations that cause pollution in neighbouring US states.”
“In a judgment on Tuesday, the Supreme Court inflicted defeat on state governments and industry groups that had challenged new cross-state regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, a government agency.
The court’s 6-2 ruling, which overturned a 2012 appeals court judgment, was cheered by the EPA and environmental groups, which said it would protect millions of Americans from harmful smokestack pollution.
The regulations were a pillar of President Barack Obama’s first term environmental agenda. The court’s ruling comes weeks before the EPA releases another contentious set of rules on carbon pollution from coal-fired power stations.
Under the now-permitted regulations, coal plants will be ordered to keep emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides within defined limits, a requirement likely to necessitate new investments in scrubbers and other technology.”