Harvard students seeking carbon-fuel divestment blockade uni offices.

FT: “Students at Harvard University blockaded its administrative offices in support of their campaign to persuade the institution to sell the investments in fossil fuel companies held by its $33bn endowment.”
“One student was arrested by police on Thursday morning, as officers broke up the blockade that had been intended to prevent Drew Faust, Harvard’s president, and other senior administrators from reaching their offices.
The action, which organisers said was joined by more than 300 students, is the latest round of a growing campaign for US universities and other institutions to divest from oil, gas and coal companies because of concerns about climate change and other pollution.
The campaign, launched in 2011, has already persuaded 11 US colleges to divest wholly or partially from fossil fuels. The size of Harvard’s endowment – the largest of any educational institution worldwide – makes it a more significant battleground than any the campaign has tackled so far.
Divestment has been backed by many students and more than 100 faculty members, but opposed by the university’s administration, which has argued that it risks damaging the endowment’s investment returns.”