American Electric Power launches legal attack on EPA re carbon emissions.

Guardian: “The central pillar of Barack Obama’s climate change agenda has come under a new line of co-ordinated attack from influential lobbying networks involving Republican politicians and big business.”
“The Guardian has learned that the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), a free market group of state legislators funded in part by coal and oil companies such as Peabody Energy and Koch Industries, launched a much broader style of campaigning in 2014 to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from cutting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
Documents obtained by the Guardian offer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Alec as the organisation tried to drum up opposition from coal, oil and electricity industry groups and state officials.
The documents showed Alec adopting a new tactic of encouraging state attorney generals to bring lawsuits against the new EPA regulations – and so sink the emissions controls before they come into effect. Alec also encouraged legislators to lobby attorney generals and governors in other states on the EPA rules, the documents showed.
Meanwhile, Alec legislators introduced about a dozen anti-EPA bills in states including Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Virginia.
….The strategy was a departure for Alec, which has a reputation for crafting and promoting pro-industry legislation in the states, but has not generally been involved in broader campaigning.
….Power plants are the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions, and the proposed EPA rules are at the core of Obama’s climate change strategy.
The proposed rules for future power plants would make it impossible to build new coal-fired power plants without investing in new carbon capturing technologies. Republican elected officials and industry groups have accused the EPA of waging a “war on coal”.
….Alec also remains active on other environmental issues. The group is tracking some 130 bills in state legislatures to support the Keystone XL pipeline project, block controls on fracking, and make it more expensive for homeowners to invest in solar panels – as well as block the EPA regulations, according to internal documents.
The EPA-focused bills assert that coal is an important domestic energy source, and that America has already achieved emissions reductions without regulating power plants – although those reductions were the result of a switch to cheaper natural gas.”