US Attorney General: "no company is too big to jail".

FT: “US attorney-general Eric Holder said publicly on Monday that no company was “too big to jail” as prosecutors moved closer to bringing criminal charges against two European banks.”
“The Department of Justice is weighing criminal charges against Credit Suisse for allegedly helping US citizens evade taxes and BNP Paribas for processing transactions in violation of US sanctions, people familiar with the matter have said.
A settlement with Credit Suisse in which the parent or subsidiary pleads guilty could be announced in the next few weeks, people familiar with the matter said.
….Mr Holder has shifted his position as he tries to reshape his legacy since acknowledging to a congressional committee in March 2013 that some banks were “too large” to prosecute. At the time, he cited the potential negative impact on the economy that could flow from a criminal indictment.
The slow bleed of revelations since then concerning prosecutors’ desire to file criminal charges against a bank seems aimed at limiting market reaction.
….DoJ officials had been hesitant to file criminal charges against an institution following the indictment of accounting firm Arthur Andersen for its audit work on Enron. Clients fled and the company closed, costing tens of thousands of jobs before the criminal trial. The company was found guilty but the US Supreme Court later reversed the conviction on legal grounds.”