"Ministers signal start of the great oil rush": Telegraph front-page.

Telegraph: “Vast areas of southern England will on Friday be identified by the Government as targets for fracking, with ministers also announcing that energy companies will be allowed to frack under homes without owners’ permission.”
“A British Geological Survey study of the South, spanning from Wiltshire to Kent and including the South Downs National Park, will be published, mapping out the likely location of billions of barrels of shale oil.
Ministers are also preparing to publish controversial plans to change the laws of trespass to give energy companies an automatic right to frack beneath homes and private land – even if owners object.
….Both announcements come on the day results of the local elections are revealed, leading to claims that the Government is attempting to bury controversial news.
….Gary Williamson, chairman of Sevenoaks Conservative Association – which lies within the BGS study area – said he would be “uneasy” about the plan because “an Englishman’s home has always been his castle”.
….Tom Greatrex, Labour’s shadow energy minister, said: “The timing of these announcements will strike many people as cynically and deliberately driven for a day when focus will be on election performance, and ahead of the count of the European elections.”