Opposition to fracking hardens in the Tory heartlands.

Guardian: “Residents of Kent have reacted angrily to a government announcement that fracking companies will no longer need to ask permission before drilling beneath their homes.”
“In Tunbridge Wells, Sue Reddick, a local housekeeper, said she was shocked to learn the government was preparing to amend trespass lawsto allow companies to operate beneath homes without first asking the owner’s permission.“That is so wrong, especially if it’s near somebody’s home. Why should they keep changing the rules just to suit [the shale industry]?” Reddick said she understood the need for energy, but that “nobody wants [fracking] in their backyard”.
….“I prefer the idea of renewables,” said Glen Stokes, a local resident. “In the long term, there’s no other option.” He said that once shale gas companies had a foothold in the region they would not leave. “If they start smashing into the ground then where’s it going to stop?”
….Jackie Mitchem, a local hairdresser, said she thought fracking was important for the UK economy, but she felt wealthy areas like Sevenoaks would reject it. “Its rich enough around here already. I couldn’t see it happening here, there’d be so much uproar.”
….Gary Williamson, the head of the Sevenoaks Conservative Association,who was reported as being “uneasy” over the trespsass law changes because “an Englishman’s home has always been his castle”, said no local residents had approached him. He said he was reserving judgement until he knew what the local impacts would be.”