China's nuclear power plans vulnerable to domestic public protest.

FT: “China’s nuclear industry has in recent years ventured overseas for new opportunities but it is now facing challenges at home gaining public acceptance of its $150bn expansion plans.”
“Fears of a nuclear power backlash, stoked by recent demonstrations against other large industrial projects, have rattled regulators as well as nuclear operators China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) and China General Nuclear Power Corp (CGN).
Nuclear power is central to Beijing’s efforts to reduce smog while keeping the manufacturing economy humming in its populous eastern cities. China plans to expand its nuclear generating capacity to 58GW by 2020, with another 30GW under construction by that time.
CNNC and CGN are at the forefront of this unparalleled nuclear ramp-up. They operate all of China’s 20 nuclear reactors and are neck and neck in building new ones – between them they account for 25 of the 28 under construction.
Both are trying to develop their own reactor designs as platforms to expand internationally, and both are dependent on continued acceptance by the Chinese public, as well as on the successful construction of models untested anywhere else.
Last year, China’s only nuclear-related protest to date resulted in the abrupt cancellation of a $6bn uranium processing plant the two groups had proposed for Guangdong province.”