Top bosses quit Centrica, "tiring of their status as punchbags".

FT: “The steady stream of departing executives at Centrica is rapidly turning into a flood, as top bosses tire of their status as Britain’s biggest political punchbags.”
“The company confirmed on Thursday that Chris Weston was quitting as head of its British Gas subsidiary to become chief executive of Aggreko, the temporary power provider.
He follows Nick Luff, finance director, who has been poached by Reed ElsevierChief executive Sam Laidlaw may soon follow.
The departures plunge Centrica into uncertainty ahead of a general election next year that could prove fateful for the big six energy suppliers. “Centrica was a company in transition,” says one former executive. “Now it’s a company in turmoil.”
….“It’s a very difficult time to be the CEO of a major UK energy company,” says Angela Knight, head of EnergyUK, which represents the big six suppliers. “There’s constant pressure to deliver on investment and reduce consumer bills, and it’s getting harder and harder to achieve both.”
But when it comes to management attrition, Centrica has been the worst affected. “[It] is looking rudderless,” says Martin Brough, analyst at Deutsche Bank.
….Some wonder whether there are enough potential candidates to fill all the vacant roles at the top. “The big question is: is there anyone left on the bench?” asks one top-10 investor.
….As public scrutiny of the big six has increased, Centrica has been very much in the line of fire, its managers pilloried in the press. Mr Laidlaw was denounced as the “blackout blackmailer” by the Daily Mirror, after he suggested the CMA referral could delay investment in new power generation, just as Britain faces a looming energy crunch.
….Many hope that the new management hired to replace Messrs Laidlaw, Luff and Weston will shake Centrica out of its torpor.
“In three years’ time, it will be a completely different company,” says the former executive. “And that’s precisely what’s needed.”
But the exodus began much earlier. Sir Roger Carr stepped down as chairman last year, as did Phil Bentley, managing director of British Gas.”