Obama takes personal charge against the backlash. 70% support him.

Guardian: “Barack Obama took personal charge of the campaign for historic new climate change regulations on Monday, defending a 30% cut in carbon pollution from power plants from a backlash by business lobbies, conservative groups and Democrats in oil and coal states.”
…But they also set in motion an epic battle for the mid-term elections. A Washington Post-ABC news opinion poll on Monday found 70% of Americans supporting regulation of power plants.
But the Republican leadership still came out en masse against the rule, with the minority leader, Mitch McConnell – who comes from coal state Kentucky – slamming the new rules as “a dagger in the heart of the American middle class”.
Obama, in his first public comments on the new rules, urged supporters to ignore the “naysayers” and “misinformation” and help build support for the EPA’s power plant rules. “This is something that is important for all of us. As parents, as grandparents, as citizens, as folks who care about the health of our families and also want to make sure that future generations are able to enjoy this beautiful blue ball in the middle of space that we’re a part of,” he told a conference call hosted by the American Lung Association.”
The EPA said the new rules would help deliver on Obama’s promise to act on climate change – while assuring reliable and affordable power. European and United Nations diplomats said the rules would take America within striking distance of Obama’s commitment to the international community to cut the country’s overall emissions 17% by 2020 – and could shake out additional commitments from big emitters like China and India. “This represents real leadership,” said Lord Stern, the climate economist.
….The rules – which now undergo 120 days of public comment before they are finalised a year from now – were designed for a 30% cut in the national average of carbon pollution from power plants.”