Cautious optimism as US, China and EU all move at the climate talks.

TreeAlert e-mail (no url): “Despite finishing a day earlier than scheduled, the Bonn climate negotiations ended on a positive note this weekend, with tentative progress being made towards a 2015 climate deal that will slash emissions and take the world off its current trajectory towards runaway climate change.”
“Three of the big emitters, China, the US and the EU, signaled plans to submit concrete proposals on their national contributions: the EU by late this year; the US by early next year; and China by June at the very latest. And all governments backed a suggestion for their positions on emissions cuts, adaptation, climate finance and more to be summarised in a single document. This will speed up process for the next UN climate meeting in October, and amounts to a slow drumbeat building momentum towards an international climate agreement in Paris next year.
Behind-the-scenes laggards like Australia and Canada, which have been doing their best to delay progress and protect their fossil fuel interests, are likely to become increasingly isolated, as more than 60 countries now support a phase out of fossil fuel emissions. Leading emitters, such as the US and China, have also given strong political signals on climate action in recent weeks. NGOs welcomed the agreement in Bonn for nations to flesh out content for a 2015 agreement by the next UN session in October, but said negotiations must move up a gear to stay on track, and called for developed countries to make firm financial commitments to help developing nations tackle climate change and for all heads of government to make climate action a top priority. Lord Stern, the authoritative climate economist, today highlighted the importance of greater momentum. In new peer-reviewed research, he underlines the need for urgent and drastic climate action, an end to the increase in coal as an energy source and warns that financial damage from global warming will be much greater than currently predicted.”