UK and Germany beat solar records as community schemes multiply.

TreeAlerts (no url): “As EU Sustainable Energy Week begins, the UK and Germany have demonstrated what can be achieved, announcing they have both broken records for generating solar electricity this month.”
“Germany generated over half its electricity demand from solar for the first time ever on 9 June, Meanwhile, basking in sunny summer weather during the longest days of the year, the UK nearly doubled its 2013 peak solar power output over the solstice weekend. France, Italy, Denmark and other countries are also believed to have generated record amounts of solar energy in June. This has been helped by community power projects that have sprung up across Europe. In the UK, the village that became synonymous with the country’s fight against fracking is now at the forefront of the drive towards community-owned, clean energy systems, launching a project aimed at building enough solar power to match the electricity needs of every home in Balcombe. In Germany, where over 50% of renewable projects are community-owned, a similar initiative in the northern state of Schleswig Holstein has brought together around three hundred local residents to create a citizens’ wind park. Meanwhile in Nyíregyháza, northeast Hungary, a community of 500 households are sharing their skills and experience to build new energy-efficient homes.”