New Climate Economy report says fighting climate change can be low cost.

Guardian: “Barak Obama has welcomed a report finding that reducing greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved at a low cost and with added benefits in the form of a better quality of life for people around the world.”
“In remarks on Twitter, Obama said: “This study concludes that no one has to choose between fighting climate change and growing the economy.”
….Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, who will convene next week’s meeting, said: “We can no longer afford to burn our way to prosperity. We must manage climate risk for sustained – and sustainable – economic progress. We need a structural transformation in the global economy. This report argues for a new model where economic growth and climate action are mutually reinforcing – and it shows how we can build it. There is no time to lose.”
The report, on the New Climate Economy, was co-authored by leading economist Lord Stern and involved a roll-call of international institutions including the World Bank, the International Energy Agency and the OECD group of rich countries. It concluded that tackling climate change would add only a small amount – about $240bn – to the trillions of dollars of investment that will take place around the world in the next decade and a half, in order to accommodate a growing population.
But the authors warned that if the growth takes place along current, high-carbon lines then the world will be locked in to high carbon emissions for decades to come. For only a small amount of extra investment, businesses and governments can achieve economic growth alongside lower carbon dioxide emissions, which could halt climate change and lead to a better quality of life for citizens, through cleaner air and water and a better environment.”