Times "Fracking 'greener than solar panels'" story refuted by author quoted.

Guardian: “Researchers at Manchester University have found that fracking causes less toxicity to humans and marine ecosystems and uses less resources than solar panels and wind turbines.”
Their study, which measured the environmental impacts of fracking and compared it to other energy sources, prompted a story in the Times under the headline: Fracking ‘greener than solar panels’.
Laurence Stamford, author: “I think it’s a given that many news establishments (national papers and otherwise) will spin topical research to pull in readers and they’re all free to take the press releases we issue and say what they want about it – freedom of the press is important, even if it occassionally leads to sillines (sic). The article content itself was basically a description of the work and some quotations from myself and my co-author, so anyone who read the article itself would probably come away with a more balanced view than the headline suggests. However, the headling is a shame, particularly putting ‘greener than solar’ in quotation marks as if it’s quoting the paper.”