New Yorkers support fracking moratorium & clean energy: poll. “Last month, NRDC engaged a nationally recognized opinion research firm to conduct polling in New York State to evaluate public attitudes about fracking and clean energy. Importantly, this is the first statewide poll in at least two years — and perhaps ever — to directly ask residents their views of the now six-year-old de facto moratorium on fracking.”
“The results were overwhelming: Nearly 8 in 10 New Yorkers support the moratorium, and support crosses geographical, ideological and racial divides.  At the same time, respondents showed tremendous support for renewable energy.
….Fully 79 percent of those polled support Governor Cuomo’s on-going moratorium on new fracking in the state.  And that support is bipartisan, with 84 percent of Democrats, 74 percent of Independents and 73 percent of Republicans backing it.  Support also extends upstate, with 77 percent of urban upstate residents, 73 percent of upstate rural residents and 60 percent of residents in the counties most likely to experience fracking saying they favor the moratorium.  In addition, support tops three in four among whites (77 percent), African Americans (85 percent) and Latinos (86 percent).
A second major finding of the poll is that the vast majority of New Yorkers want more clean energy and less dirty energy.  A stunning 92 percent of respondents are in favor of increasing the use of solar to meet the state’s future energy needs, while 89 percent support increased wind and 76 percent want more hydropower.  In stark contrast, majorities of New Yorkers oppose the increased use of coal and nuclear power, and by wide margins (52 percent oppose to 40 percent support for coal, and 52 percent oppose for nuclear versus 48 percent support).
Further, when asked to choose, New Yorkers pick renewables over natural gas. Of those polled, 61 percent indicated support for development of clean, renewable energy sources over natural gas, while just 25 percent chose gas.
….A fourth significant finding is that most New Yorkers think fracking will negatively impact communities.  Of those polled, 55 percent said they think fracking is generally bad for local communities because of the impacts to water, land and health.  Meanwhile, only 27 percent believe it is generally good for local communities because of jobs, tax revenue and economic development.
While the oil and gas industry loves to trumpet the supposed economic upsides of fracking, New Yorkers aren’t being fooled.  Among respondents, 60 percent believe jobs from fracking are likely to be temporary.  Only 26 percent believe that fracking jobs will be permanent or that new fracking will bring economic revitalization to the state.