‘Solar century’ beckons as costs continue to fall – UK energy secretary.

PV Tech: The UK’s energy and climate change secretary, Ed Davey, has said he believes solar power is on course to become the cheapest form of energy.”
“In an interview with PV Tech’s sister site, Solar Power Portal, Davey said he was “absolutely convinced” that solar would continue its recent form of driving down costs to become the cheapest.
Davey said solar had been the “leading example” of how concerted effort can bring the costs of low carbon energy “tumbling down”.
“The people I talk to, whether they’re in financial institutions or research labs, are showing very clearly that solar costs are going to come down and down, so it will be the cheapest form of electricity, I’m absolutely convinced about that. I think that this century will be the solar century,” he said.
But Davey acknowledged solar’s increasing deployment would present a number of challenges.
“The challenge for those managing electricity grids and energy policy is how to manage that transition, and it will be partly understanding complementary technologies, like, most importantly of all, storage technology.”
On storage, Davey said: “To me…the tie-up between solar and storage is one of the most significant things we can do. We’ve done some on storage, I’d like to do more, but it needs global capital to get behind storage technology. There are very many different versions [of storage], there won’t be only version but if we do that then we crack it”.”