Obama vetoes tar sands pipeline, first Paris commitment in, China's coal bubble bursting, Google's biggest solar bet yet, another UK fracking setback: Week 9, 2015

“China’s bursting coal bubble raises fear of stranded assets”: Telegraph. A switch to clean energy is causing “dramatic slowdown” in coal demand, and peak coal.
Some upstate New Yorkers consider secession as way round fracking ban. They say they will try to join Pennsylvania.
Switzerland is first to submit Paris commitment: 50% emissions cut by 2030. On 1990 levels, 30% at home, 20% abroad or in carbon markets. NGOs are disappointed.
US rig count now 39% down: 12 the successive weekly fall. But production still rises and will reach 9.3 mbd this year, EIA says, the most since 1972.
Bullish Deutsche Bank report on solar sector. “Expect greater institutional ownership to drive positive momentum for the sector over the next 12-18 months.”
Investors ask oil companies to disclose risks to refineries for climate change. What effect will sea-level rise and storm surges have, pension funds ask.
Google makes biggest solar bet yet, with $300m for SolarCity roofs. The contribution is to a $700m fund. Their total investment in renewables is now $1.8bn.
Leasing now available for solar and flow battery systems.  ViZn Energy Systems partner with LFC Capital on 50-1,000 kW commerical and Industrial microgrids.
Will IOCs turn their backs on fossil fuels? Jeremy Leggett tells Petroleum Economist that he thinks the first will break from the ranks within 3 years.
Top US solar manufacturers launch venture to own power plants. SunPower and First Solar will form a yieldco, designed to offer investors low-risk dividends.
Carbon Tracker launches Capex Tracker. Since Q1 2013, cuts in capex budgets for this year at 19 companies are almost $33bn.
Council hands Cuadrilla another planning setback. Bid to take geological measurements rejected by Lancashire County Council.
Cameron climate envoy blames Big 6 for failure of Green Deal. Greg Barker says they feigned support but did little to sell energy efficiency to customers.
Obama vetoes Republicans’ KXL tar sands pipeline bill.  Only the third veto of his Presidency, and the first of the second term. Republicans vow to fight on.
Shell shelves plan for tar sands project. Pierre River is the largest to fall to low oil price. Total and Statoil have also cancelled tar projects recently.
MEPs vote for early fix of EU carbon marketReforms starting 2021 are designed to force the carbon price back up by reducing surplus credits.
Drones could easily destabilise a nuclear plant. First hit grid connection, then generators: French plants should be shut down over the threat, says John Large.
EU wants Paris deal to cut emissions 60% on 2010 levels by 2050. Brussels also wants 5 year reviews and entry into force after nations with 80% of emissions ratify.
Prominent climate denier’s work was funded by energy industry. And Willie Soon did not declare the $1m+ from ExxonMobil et al in papers.
IPCC chair misses meeting due to sexual harrassment claims. Rajendra Pachauri claims his e-mail account was hacked to send in appropriate messages.