Guardian launches divestment campaign, UN backs divestment, Pam devastates Vanuatu, global emissions flatten: Week 11, 2015

UN backs fossil-fuel divestment campaign. Support is because divestment sends a signal favouring a good outcome in Paris.
Strongest ever Pacific cyclone devastates Vanuatu. Pam is causing widespread devastation across the archipelago
Global carbon emissions flatten in 2014 on Chinese slowdown. So the IEA reports. The data are prelinary and it is too early to say that policies have driven this.
IEA warns of further oil price volatility. US production averaging 12.6 mbd in February is threatening to overwhelm storage.
High oil prices may be sooner rather than later. Art Berman points out that EIA data have global liquids demand closer to supply than for months.
Norwegian oil fund increased oil and gas investment to £20bn in 2014. It holds shares in 90 of the top 100 companies as ranked by carbon reserves including Suncor.
UKIP claims EU carbon emissions cuts will stop crops growing. This from an MEP in a statement to the European Parliament.
Putin angry with Rosneft boss Sechin. The Russian leader now views the $55bn TNK-BP acquisition as a huge mis-step,reportedly.
Shale gas should be at centre of next government’s energy policy. Tim Yeo adds that opponents are misguided.
Celtique Energy drops fracking plans in W. Sussex. Restrictions in the Infrastructure Bill are the reason for backing away from Fernhurst and Wisborough Green, it says.
Data shows crimes rates soar in US oil-boom towns. Now, with the low oil price, they have less cash for dealing with crime.
Big oil profits from the slump by trading. By storing oil to sell later at higher prices they are positioning to offset conventional losses.
Petrobras theft goes far deeper than thought. According to testimony of a confessed company bribe taker, the governing party is deeply involved.
Arctic melting brings more persistent heatwaves to US & Europe. So conclude researchers from the Potsdam Institute: it weakens summer circulation.
London Assembly votes for divestment of £4.8bn pension fund. The motion calls on the Mayor to drop all coal, oil and gas investments from the LPFA.
E.ON posts record €3.2bn for 2014. Renewables, 9.8GW of E.ON’s total 60GW capacity, posted a profit. No details yet of the corporate split in planning.
BoE governor defends climate study against Lawson attack. Mark Carney says climate is one of the top risks for the insurance industry.
Electric cars could save UK drivers £1,000 a year. Also cut oil oil imports 40% and spark carbon cuts of 47% by 2030. Sosays a Cambridge Econometrics study.
“Fossil freeze. Solar thaw. Keep it in the ground.” Bill McKibben on divestment progress and the road to Paris. “The argument is about power.”
“10 myths about fossil fuel divestment put to the sword.” Damian Carrington’s summary of the issue for the Guardian.
Solar Impulse departs from Abu Dhabi on round the world tripFootage of the solar plane on the Guardian’s website.