Hollande warns Paris failure would mean millions of refugees, cheap oil slams brakes on US shale oil production, UK backs bid in EU to kill fracking controls, Shell quits climate leaders group: Week 36, 2015

Fast pace of power plant closures threatens UK electricity grid”: FT. Energy experts warn of a “breaking point within months”. Jefferies: 53 GW of capacity 2015-16, 56 GW peak demand.
SolarCity signs world’s first dispatchable PPA in Hawaii. The agreement with Kaua’I Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) is for 20 yrs, 52MWh, to feed up to 13 MW into grid from storage.
Goldman Sachs says oil could fall to £20. Oversupply will continue into next year, it says. WTI has fallen from $107 last June to $44. Goldman admits it has been wrong in the past.
“Cheap oil ‘slams brakes’ on US shale production”: FT. IEA says production will fall sharply next year: 80% of a 500k bdp non-OPEC drop. Total supply is 96.3mbd in August.
Fall in North Sea rig orders threatens thousands of jobs. Fabricators face the worst downturn in orders in 25 years.
Shell quits Prince of Wales’s climate leaders group. It is not clear whether they jumped or were pushed from the Corporate Leaders Group.
Burning all fossil fuels would melt Antarctica completely. And ultimately raise sea levels 50m, wiping out land where 1 billion live. So a study led by the Potsdam Institute shows.
A power industry first: distributed energy storage dispatches electricity to California grid. A smart network successfully bids via the CAISO real-time, day-to-day wholesale power market.
Brooklyn to Avoid Blackouts With Utility-Disrupting Microgrids. Red Hook neighbourhood, a week without power after Sandy, plans solar, wind, storage microgrids. NY has 83 such plans.
UK backing bid by fossil fuel firms to kill new EU fracking controls. Letters reveal that Europe’s biggest oil and gas firms are trying to block environmental controls on fracking.
Coal burning costs UK between £2.5bn and £7bn from premature deaths. So a comprehensive survey of coal burning in EU suggests.
Coal-dominated Texas utility take first solar step. Luminant, the largest power generator in Texas, signs a power purchase deal with SunEdison for 116MW of PV.
Eon scraps plans to spin off its nuclear business. This after the German government proposes a law that would make companies permanently liable for the costs of dismantling reactors.
Solarcentury solarises Tate Modern. The company donates an 82 kW roof installation, to be installed next month on the roof of the former coal-fired power station.
“UK should think again about Hinkley Point nuclear power station”: FT editorial. “The economics of EDF’s project looks less and less desirable.”
Bonn climate talks ask for draft Paris text. Co-chairs given a mandate to prepare a draft agreement by the first week of October. Parties will then return to Bonn to discuss 19 October.
Paris climate talks could fail, President Hollande warns. That would mean millions of refugees over the next 20 years, he says. The vital agreement on financing is still missing.
Whole areas of North Sea oil at “serious and urgent risk” of shutdown. So says new head of Oil and Gas Authority. The more companies leave the less others can share infrastructure costs.