Massive VW emissions fraud, BHP warns coal is losing as Abbott goes, shale drillers face financial crisis, 2015 global heat record, 48 of top global 100 companies still oppose climate action: Week 37, 2015

85% of British power can be renewable by 2030: Greenpeace. A report expects wind energy to rise from 13GW to 77GW, with solar rising from 5GW to 28GW.
Carbon storage will be expensive at best. At worst, it may not work”: Economist. The 3 real projects each dump a million tonnes CO2 a year. US electricity alone would need 1,500 sites.
“Why we must drill for oil in the Arctic.” Shell boss’s message to the world is that energy demand is rising, and renewables provide electricity, which is only 20% of energy.
Airbus take future electric and hybrid flight seriously. A small two-seat electrically powered aircraft flight across the English Channel in July was not a gimmick, they say.
VW cheated emissions tests on a massive scale. The US EPA says the carmaker fitting nearly half a million VW and Audi vehicles with devices designed to bypass environmental standards.
EU united for ambitious, binding agreement at Paris talks, says climate chief. Miguel Cañete
says ministers have agreed 5 year reviews and climate neutrality in second half of century.
New Australian PM Turnbull already appears to be a climate-change turncoat. He rescinds comments he made on the potential for renewables 5 years ago.
BHP warns coal miners losing battle for investor & public support. “It would be fair to say that as we stand here…, in the court of public opinion, the ‘no coal’ camp has been more effective.”
Drilling for Arctic oil is not viable yet, says IEA chief. But Fatih Birol stops short of advocating a ban.
Post Carbon Institute criticises EIA’s “rosy” shale predictions. David Hughes updates his 2014 with a dissection of the EIA Annual Energy Outlook.
Nuclear greens go anti-nuclear on Hinkley Point. George Monbiot, Mark Lynas and Chris Goodall now argue that the project has become a “white elephant”.
Developers collaborate on UK’s first split community-commercial solar farm. Solar farm developers Public Power Solutions and Solarcentury partner with a community organisation.
Republicans break rank with party leaders in call for climate change action. At least 10 House Republicans sign on to a resolution endeavouring to put pressure on presidential candidates.
Shale driller Sansom Resources files for bankruptcy. Debts had piled up to >$4 bn, most with no collateral behind it.
“An Oklahoma of Oil at Risk as Debt Shackles U.S. Shale Drillers.” As much as 400,000 barrels per day of oil production is at risk as money runs out, Bloomberg reports.
Goldman predicts 15 years of low oil prices as $20 US oil looms. Prices may drop to $20 a barrel when refineries shut in October or March for maintenance, head of commodities says.
Shell CEO says solar will dominate, but only replace fossil fuels over multiple decades. This in comments on the BBC.
Recharge reviews storage and sees two important realities. First, much more will be spent on renewables than storage. Second, warnings about grid destabilisation have proved overblown.
Investors shun German utilities as nuclear clean-up uncertainty builds. They are dumping shares worried that some estimates say cost could be up to 70 billion euros ($79 billion).
“Oil Patch Braces for Financial Reckoning”: WSJ. Credit line reviews mean O&Gis expected to finally face a financial reckoning, experts say, with carnage occurring as early as this month.”
UK falls to 11th place in E&Y Renenewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. An increasingly diverse energy policy landscape prompts a major index reshuffle.
Fracking produces low-carbon gas, Lord Smith argues. Industry-backed group concludes what industry would like it to.
More people die from air pollution than Malaria and HIV/Aids: new study. Research led by Maz Planck Institute shows 3 million people die prematurely each year from outdoor pollution.
Almost half world’s 100 largest industrial companies are obstructing climate legislation. So a report by Influence Map reveals. The 45 include Boeing, EDF and BMW.
US and Chinese cities announce joint action by cities, states and provinces. 11 Chinese cities (collective emissions equal to Japan’s) announce faster cuts than national target in Los Angeles.
“The Shale Delusion: Why The Party’s Over For U.S. Tight Oil.” Art Berman writes: “For the next year or so, tight oil wells will not be commercial except in the best parts of the best plays.”
Abbot ousted by Turnbull. The climate denying Australian PM falls to a climate-action seeking ex lawyer. In interviews and blogs, Turnbull described Abbott’s climate strategy as “bullshit”.
2015 and 2016 set to break global heat records: Met Office. Natural climate cycles in Pacific & Atlantic are
reversing and will amplify manmade-driven global warming, new report concludes.
California Assembly passes 50% renewable portfolio standard by 2030. Landmark Senate bill passes 51-26. Up from present 33% by end 2020. & 50% energy efficiency in buildings by 2030.