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Dear website visitors
I am in the Bay Area talking to clean-energy companies, investors, regulators, foundations and NGOs. While I have been out here, the pace of the unfolding climate-and-energy drama has been at its fastest yet:
*   “Fossil fuel companies risk plague of ‘asbestos’ lawsuits as tide turns on climate change.”
*   “Paris climate deal to ignite a $90 trillion energy revolution”.
*   “The old fossil order is on borrowed time as China and even India join the drive for dramatic cuts in CO2 emissions.”
*   “It (the Paris climate deal) is unstoppable. No amount of lobbying is going to change the direction.”
These are just a few of the seismic headlines and quotes this month. The “unstoppable” one is from the UN!
I have really enjoyed writing about the experiences I am having in California in global context this weekend – and the visit isn’t over yet. I hope you will enjoy it too. The free download of the latest edition is here.
You can also pre-order the finished book now, and have it delivered in January. My colleagues at SolarAid have prepared a Christmas offer, so that you can buy a copy or copies (with all profits going to SolarAid) for which you will receive an e-card to present to your friends and family at Christmas explaining what you have bought them and that their book will be delivered early in the new year (if it is a present).
Best, Jeremy