Obama rejects tar sands pipeline, Exxon under investigating for lying about climate risk, Exxon did lie says presidential hopeful, Peabody forced to disclose climate risk to investors: Week 44, 2015

NY Attorney General forces Peabody Energy to disclose more on climate risk. Two year investigation finds that Peabody has not been forthright with investors.
“Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline and hails US as leader on climate change.” Obama says:Frankly, approving that project would have undercut that global leadership.”
“Walking tall: Expect tears as UN climate chief eyes Paris prize.” Climate Home profiles Christiana Figueres finally she has a global deal in her sights.
UNEP: National climate plans deliver half carbon cuts needed for 2C. “Government pledges will cut 11 Gt of greenhouse gases by 2030, report finds, leaving an emissions gap of 12 Gt.”
“Solar farm in Balcombe ‘fracking village’ shelved due to Tory policies.” Osborne’s tax changes deter the community from owning their own solar farm.
ExxonMobil lied on climate, says Democratic Presidential hopeful. They knew the truth and “lied to protect their business model at the expense of the planet” says Bernie Sanders.
“More Oil Companies Could Join Exxon Mobil as Focus of Climate Investigations.” Legal experts contend that BP, Shell, Texaco (now Chevron) are vulnerable on their historic records.
“Warning: Oil company defaults are coming.” “There are going to be a lot of defaults (in shale),” R. Matthew Freund, chief investment officer of USAA Investments, tells CNNMoney.
Total to expand solar power assets, says CEO. $3bn invested to date equals 3% of assets. Patrick Pouyanne says assets could total 10-15% by 2030.
“Greenpeace says India has cancelled its legal registration.” Part of a wider crackdown on foreign funded charities after a report that they may be cutting GDP by opposing pollution.
“Exxon Mobil Under Investigation in New York Over Climate Statements.” NY attorney general begins “sweeping investigation”: did ExxonMobil lie to public & investors on climate risk?
“The Next CEO of Exxon Will Inherit a Diminished Giant.” Bloomberg analyses the lack of growth prospects, and shrinkage of the cash pile ($28.7bn to $4.3bn) under CEO Tillerson.
UK power crunch fears heighten. More than 10% of Britain’s 45 MW electricity need during the power crunch yesterday came from plants that will no longer be available next year.
“UK’s high-wire act on power supplies laid bare”: FT. Unexpected outage sends wholesale electricity prices soaring, & prompts grid to call for first time ever for industry to reduce power.
“Fracking to be banned in protected wildlife areas in latest policy reversal’: Telegraph. Ministers bow to pressure from MPs and NGOs on SSSIs.
Volkswagen says 800,000 cars may have false CO2 levels, including petrol cars now. VW, Skoda, Audi and Seat cars affected. £1.4bn added to £4.7bn set aside for original 11m diesels.
SunEdison wins 500MW of India PV with record 7 c kWh bid. The new capacity to be built within a large solar park in Andhra Pradesh state.
“China Burns Much More Coal Than Reported, Complicating Climate Talks.” Up to 17 percent more coal a year than the government previously disclosed, according to newly released data.
UK plans to turn to diesel to meet power supply crunch. Companies have registered to build 1.5 GW, with hundreds of millions of subsidies over the next 15 years. Even solar developers.
Statoil OKs $236m for floating offshore wind farm. The 30MW Buchan Deep power project off northeast Scotland uses technology developed by the oil and gas industry.
Statkraft joins BLP in Indian solar joint venture. Their target is commercial and industrial roofs, part of a $8.1bn in wind, solar + around the world over the next four years.
Solar companies with-hold up to $26bn from the yieldcos they created. The yieldcos born amid an investor craze two years ago have fallen 40% in value since June.
China and France say Paris climate pact should have five-year reviews. Joint statement says they are needed to “reinforce mutual confidence and promote efficient implementation”.
HMG’s climate advisors tell them wind & solar cheaper than gas by 2020, HMG signs off Hinkley Point: Week 42, 2015 jeremyleggett.net