Climate health warnings on fuel pumps, Alberta caps tar sands, Statoil pulls out of Arctic, OECD kills coal export subsidies, Enel bets hard on renewables, UK dashes for gas: Week 45, 2015

Alberta announces ground breaking climate agreement. Including a coal phase out by 2030, a renewable portfolio standard of 30%, a cap on emissions from tar sands, and a carbon tax.
Fuel pumps to get cigarette packet-style climate change warnings in North Vancouver. The first city in the world to label climate risks at the pump will be Canadian.
French government bans climate protest marches in Paris. Environmental activists accept decision with regret and will find new imaginative ways to make voices heard.
Rudd formalises UK dash-for-gas policy at-all-costs in “energy reset” speech. Coal to be phased out by 2025, which would have happened anyway. Subsidies will be needed for gas.
“Rudd offers little solar solace in jibe-laden strategy reveal.” She “barely referenced solar and certainly offered nothing in the way of assurances for a beleaguered industry.”
Export subsidies for coal power stations reined in by OECD. Environmental groups say the agreement could put a stop to as many as 850 planned coal plants.
“Enel bets hard on renewable energy”: FT. The Italian utility buys out minority shareholders in its publicly listed green power unit.
“After Leading Oil Industry on Exploration, Eni Seeks to Cash In.” Bloomberg describes how the fast computers make the most successful oil explorer, and how Eni is sells assets as it goes.
Statoil follows Shell in pulling out of Alaska. It will exit 16 leases it operates and its stake in 50 leases operated by ConocoPhillips.
“Gates Foundation would be $1.9bn better off if it had divested from fossil fuels.” Corporate Knights research on 14 funds, worth a combined $1tn, calculates they lost out on $23 bn. “
“Bakken Pumps Less Oil for First Time in Decade”: Bloomberg. “The shale boom in North Dakota has softened to a whisper.” September production falls 1.1% compared to a year ago.
“Future of US shale oil lies in Permian basin”: FT. Production is falling less steeply there than in the Baaken and Eagleford shale regions.
“Minigrids Seen as Fix for 620 Million Africans Without Power.” “Enel of Italy joins developers building miniature power grids. Off-grid renewables are the ‘future of Africa,’ PwC says.”