US agencies and UK’s GCHQ blame the Kremlin for a sustained cyber-offensive in recent months

“Millions of machines” have been targeted in an apparent effort to lay the foundations for an assault on network infrastructure devices, they say.

The image comes from a US Airforce film on You Tube, “The Making of a Cyberwarrior”. Watching that gives the very clear impression that the young men and women training as “cyberwarriors” are not limiting themselves to defensive activities. We are evidently in an arms race when it comes to cyber war. I am old enough to remember how the US and UK fueled the Cold War arms race with exaggerated threats such as the “Bomber Gap” and the “Missile Gap”, and offensive capabilities such as the maritime strategy and the Strategic Defense Initiative. Of course the Soviet military-industrial complex pushed no less hard, according to President Gorbachev’s scientific advisor Roald Sagdeev, for example. The same pattern seems to be repeating itself.

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