High court rules the UK government mass data surveillance legislation is incompatible with EU law

Following a crowdfunded challenge by Liberty, the 2016 Investigatory Powers Act, (the Snoopers’ Charter) must be rewritten within 6 months.

Liberty director, Martha Spurrier: “Police and security agencies need tools to tackle serious crime in the digital age, but creating the most intrusive surveillance regime of any democracy in the world is unlawful, unnecessary and ineffective.”

This is a much needed reminder that the mass surveillance threat to society is not just about Big Tech companies but governments, and if the extremes of the UK government are anything to go by, citizens will not be able to rely on them easily for material help with privacy. As George Soros and others have warned, if Big Tech powers go unregulated and are ever married up with authoritarian-leaning governments, democracy will be a thing only to be found in history books. We will all be living in unbreakable police states.

Image: screenshot of GCHQ website home page.

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