Climate change on track to cause “major insect wipeout” with “far-reaching disruption to life on Earth”

So an international group of scientists warn, after the most comprehensive study yet: of the geographic ranges of 31,000 insect species.

Climate change would make almost half of current insect habitat unlivable by the end of the century,  even if nations deliver on their current emissions-cuts pledges. Pollinators like bees would be particularly affected.

Prof Rachel Warren, at the University of East Anglia, who led the study: “We showed insects are the most sensitive group. They are important because ecosystems cannot function without insects. They play an absolutely critical role in the food chain.”

With global warming limited to 1.5˚C, losses were much lower. But without that, it is clear humankind is on track to lose our ability to provide food and potable water to billions of people, and perhaps worse.

Meanwhile significant powerful players in society choose to blind themselves to scientists’ work.

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  1. Sadly yet another case (another example is water resources) where “definite” proof (e.g. major losses) must be experienced before any realistic action is taken.. Business as usual will ultimately fail mankind as well as many other species….

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