China is using modern tech & age-old repression to turn Xinjiang “into a police state like no other”: Economist

In this far-western province, Beijing “is committing some of the most extensive, and neglected, human-rights violations in the world” against Muslim Uighurs.

The details in this long article are harrowing, like something out of a Margaret Atwood novel about a dystopian future. Note the use of tech by the Han Chinese majority against the ethnic minority. Imagine, in the context of the many fast tech trends precised on this website, the scope for expanding and deepening this type of oppression in the future.

All of it could easily be powered 100% by clean energy. This is my core worry these days: that humankind wins the carbon war …and ends up living in a collage of unbreakable police states.

Image: from article

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  1. The Economist neglected to mention two salient facts that justify China’s policies in Xinjiang: American funding, training and propaganda for Muslim terrorists in Xinjiang; and the frequent massacres that Xinjiang extremists have committed on the Han population there.

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