People’s Liberation Army and corporate China “draw ever closer” as military budget rises: FT

10 years ago China spent $35 bn on defence. Now $230 bn. Silicon Valley started out on DoD largesse. Now tech firms tend to distance themselves.

The article gives examples including Midea, which started out as a white goods company and has now replaced Panasonic as the largest white goods maker globally by revenues. It recently bought Kuka, a German robotics company. “Robotics is a priority for China. Indeed, one study cited in the People’s Daily last year suggested that by 2040, robots and other unmanned systems will outnumber people in China’s military.”

Articles like this scream to me about the need for us to learn the lessons of the Cold War, eschew new arms races, and do everything we can to build common security, co-operation, and multilateralism, building on the lessons of Paris that we are capable of this, even in the 2010s ….given the right leaders.

Image: CNBC

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