“Utilities dispel all doubts about renewables’ ability to power planet”: Recharge on Eurelectric summit

Jerome Pecresse, head of GE Renewables: “We are inventing things that we did not even imagine three years ago …renewable baseload is coming fast.”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO and Eurelectric president: electrifying the transport sector “is not only a winning strategy, it’s a must.”

“The financial possibilities of utilising car batteries in this way is so great that Francisco Carrenza, managing director of Nissan Energy, told Recharge that the Japanese car maker is now offering free electricity and home charging stations to buyers of its electric cars — in return for being able to use their batteries for grid flexibility services. Aggregation of thousands of Nissan car batteries would effectively produce multi-megawatt virtual power plants that could sell and trade energy on wholesale, balancing, capacity and ancillary markets.”

A very bullish article ….including about electrification of the heating sector using heat pumps.

Image: Recharge

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