Methane leaks from the US oil and gas industry c.60% higher than government estimates, new study finds

A top-down study incorporating aerial data from nine major basins estimates 2.3% leakage well-to-power plant. The EPA suggested 1.4%. 2.7% makes gas worse than coal.

Will this do anything to stop the oil-and-gas industry using its mantra that gas is better than coal? I think everyone will know my answer to that. But one day I am hoping to be surprised.

Remember too that the important figure is the one for the leakage across the entire global gas-industry infrastructure, drill rig to end burn. That obviously includes pipelines engineered across Siberia, for example, where gas leaks have been known to blow up trains. Is that figure better than 2.7%? We do not know, for there is inadequate monitoring and data. But my prediction is: not a snowball’s chance in hell.


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