BP, expecting 140k EVs to grow to 12m by 2040, buys UK’s biggest electric car charger for £130m

The rebadged BP Chargemaster will add to the existing 6,500 charging points fast-charging on all 1,200 BP forecourts over the next year.

Tufan Erginbilgic, the chief executive of BP’s downstream division: “I don’t believe the fastest person in this space will succeed.”

That may be a reference to Shell, who acquired the Dutch charging company NewMotion, one of Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging providers (30,000 charging points), in October 2017. Anyway, its in line with BP CEO Bob Dudley’s reminder – as though we need it – that BP’s dabbles in clean energy do not amount to a “race for renewables.”

Image: screenshot from website

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  1. This good be very good news or not so helpful news. Is BP transitioning their business to low carbon services or are they buying this charging company to sit on it a stall this important part of the transition?

    How far can I throw BP? They have a track record to overcome in my books.

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