UK solar hits record weekly highs in heatwave …and tops gas as the biggest generator for an hour or so

21 – 28 June: 533 GWh from the UK’s 12.8 GW, >75GWh on five of the seven days, >8GW for eight consecutive days.

The topping of gas has only occurred a few times since the first reported instance in April 2017.

Duncan Burt, director of system operations at National Grid: “During the past 12 months alone, we have seen renewable generation records broken and we expect this trend to continue, as technology advances and we find new ways to accommodate and manage more wind and solar power on our network.”

And just imagine what would have been possible, had the installation rate not halved in the last two years, and if batteries were being deployed as though the government was not blind of the train wrecks approaching in nuclear and shale.

Image: redrafted from Electric Insights, in article

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