Opportunity Despite: History and future of the UK solar PV market in pictures and charts

This slide show is for the 40th anniversary of the UK Solar Trade Association and is the basis for a keynote speech at the celebration thereof in City Hall, London, 5th July 2018.


  1. Dear Jeremy,
    Again, your slideshow is not responding to my clicks, so, sadly, I am unable to see it.
    I use a MacBook. Any ideas?
    Warm wishes ………. Rosalind Kent

  2. I do hope you will take the opportunity to mention the real problem of solar panel recycling, because of the quantities involved in the delivery of a meaningful amount of UK low-carbon electricity. Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant will deliver 7% of the UK’s low carbon electricity for 60 years, so by comparison:

    It would take 65 Cleve Hills Solar Farms to deliver 7% of the UK’s electricity each year at a capital cost of £26,000 million, for their 30 year lifespan and occupying an area of 234 sq km. With the output being intermittent, it is highly likely they would forever require fossil-fuelled back up.

    That means 64,285,000 solar panels, each 2m x 1m x 4cm thick, weighing 1,414,270 tonnes, will have to be recycled after 30 years.They would be heated in a furnace then dissolved in acid, leaving 28,285 tonnes of metal hydroxides poisons to be landfilled and 2,285 tonnes of nitrous oxide released into the atmosphere – equivalent to 85,000 tonnes of CO2.

    To deliver electricity for 60 years, as a nuclear power plant, the capital cost would be £52,000 million and all of those recycling quantities would be doubled.

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