On eve of Trump / Putin meeting, US DoJ indicts 12 Russian spies for hacking attack on 2016 US election

The 11-count 29-page indictment “lays out Russia’s alleged efforts in the excruciating detail & specificity that has become the Mueller investigative team’s hallmark,” Wired reports.

The article is a fascinating update on the state of play. Two crucial elements:

“Officials like former CIA director John Brennan and director of national intelligence James Clapper have made clear that the US knew by the fall of 2016 that these efforts were proceeding with the personal approval of Putin, but public evidence of that has yet to emerge.

Mueller’s indictment Friday underscores perhaps the clearest lesson yet of his probe: He knows far, far more than the public does.”


“There was little sign in Friday’s indictment that any of it came from the cooperation and plea agreements he’s made with figures like Flynn, Gates, and Papadopoulos—meaning that their information, presumably critical enough to Mueller that he was willing to trade it for lighter sentencing, still hasn’t seen the light of day.”

The drama grinds on.

Image: from article

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