Gas flaring dropped globally in 2017 for first time since 2013 ….but still very high, & up 7% in the US

The FT reports the vast scale of the problem, still: If the the gas burnt in flares were captured and used for power generation, it could supply 90% of Africa’s electricity consumption.

In 2015, the World Bank launched an initiative to cut routine flaring to zero by 2030. It is now supported by 26 countries — including the US, Russia, Nigeria and Iraq. 33 companies support it, including BP, Eni, Shell and Total. The companies say they will drop routine flaring at their new oil developments, and “seek to implement economically viable solutions” to eliminate flaring at their existing oilfields no later than 2030.

But why not stop all flaring immediately? Why are the companies not forced by governments, and investors, to stop? Does the climate crisis not demand such urgent action? This is simply environmental vandalism to boost profits (or suppress losses). And allowing it to continue means the fueling of climate meltdown that will kill people.

Image: Modern Diplomacy

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