UK government proposes, on same day, no payments for solar electricity exports & no planning need for fracking

The 7-month-delayed UK government consultation on the end of the solar feed-in tariff at the end of March 2019 makes no proposal for a replacement, dashing industry hopes. Furthermore, the government proposes no export payments for surplus solar power exported to the grid by prosumers, from the time of the FiT closure.

In its impact assessment, DBEIS expects sub-5MW solar deployment to fall to between 50MW and 100MW each year.  In comparison, deployment under the revised feed-in tariff scheme active since February 2016, across all four supported deployment bands, has amounted to around 180MW each year. Industry and campaigners are aghast.

PV Tech: “The government has elected not to forecast the potential impact on jobs as a result of the “inherent uncertainty” in relation to the number of jobs within the sector already.”

This move by the UK government ignores the EU Directive on renewables, agreed in mid June, where governments agreed strong support for solar prosumers.

This is Brexit in action. A shocking act of vandalism against householder energy-empowerment and community energy from a government that simply cannot be trusted. The consultation on dropping planning for fracking, published on the same day, provides a complete contrast in how far they are prepared to go with energy technologies that fit their belief system and that of their friends and supporters in the oil and gas industry. They are now hiding their fundamental duplicity behind a sham consultation, as they have done repeatedly through the history of solar PV in the UK.


  1. So by not offering any sort of payment for excess energy generated they are effectively killing off the idea of solar pv owners adding battery storage to assist in propping up the national grid as there will be no additional assistance?
    Cannot believe that the government could not have offered some small incentive to add support to fuel a battery storage growth or add a really low export payment based on exported pv generation to assist in the reduction of our carbon emissions.

  2. Never say ‘they’. Say we. We elected these representatives, accept the consequences. Dont hide behind the ‘it was them not me’ argument, we are all to blame here

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