Wildfires rage across the Arctic Circle – worst in Sweden, which calls for international help

There have been many fires before in Sweden, but never over such a wide area. EU nations asked for emergency assistance in firefighting.

“EU officials said many of this year’s fires are outside the traditional European fire zone of the Mediterranean”, the Guardian reports, “and are increasingly taking place at unexpected times of year. 2017 was the worst fire year in Europe’s history, causing destruction to thousands of hectares of forest and cropland in Portugal, Spain and Italy, as late as November. “There are clear trends of longer fire seasons and frequent critical periods in Europe that are leading to dangerous fire situations,” said a European commission official.”

How many people will make the link, for a portion of the greenhouse-gas emissions driving this abnormality, to the flaring of gas in Siberia and elsewhere around the world?

Image: Siberian Times

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