“How can Facebook stop climate misinformation when its ‘fact-checkers’ are deniers?”

Joe Romm gives examples on ThinkProgress of Zuckerberg confirming that deniers will be allowed to “fact check” for the platform.

“This week, Zuckerberg made clear that Facebook won’t explicitly ban either Holocaust denial or an extreme conspiracy theory guy like Alex Jones — who is a major climate science denier.

Worse, in clarifying his remarks, Zuckerberg said Wednesday that while he won’t block fake newsfrom appearing on his site, his fact-checkers would stop it from spreading widely.
But we already know that Zuckerberg is partnering with a right-wing media outlet that spreads climate disinformation to fact-check stories. And he recently brought in a right-wing think tank that spreads climate disinformation to figure out whether Facebook displays a liberal bias.”

Image: combination of The Hindu and Washington Post

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