Trump’s tiny election margin and Russia’s major hacking access lead The Economist to conclude…

that it is “impossible” to say categorically that the GRU did not swing the 2016 election, as Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders do.

“The margin of Mr Trump’s victory in the electoral college was tiny, a matter of just under 80,000 voters in three rustbelt states. Any one of Hillary Clinton’s unforeseen troubles could account for that: including her late fainting fit, James Comey’s blundering or an illicit Russian social-media campaign that suggested she was in league with the devil. And a bigger Russian intervention, the cyberwar on behalf of Mr Trump described in Robert Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers, could have hurt her more than all the rest combined. It appears to have been better-resourced, longer-running and more extensive and ingenious than almost anyone imagined.”

The Economist, not an organ known for liberal views, talks of the “spinelessness” of the GOP leadership.

Image: MSNBC

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