Heavy industry turns to renewables, including aluminium smelters, cement plants & “green steel”

The FT reports that “corporate buyers of renewable power have been on the rise and emerged as one of the main drivers for new renewables projects, because long-term power supply deals typically enable construction to begin on a large wind or solar project.”

e.g. Norsk Hydro goes for giant wind in Sweden. Acwa Power provides wind for cement kilns in Morocco. SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall to use renewable energy and hydrogen in a green steel pilot in Sweden.

Mark Dooley, head of green energy at Macquarie Capital: “Industrial players are going to have a huge role, a pivotal role in the development of renewables in the future. Most large-scale industrial businesses are enormous consumers of power. We think that, while it makes sense that an aluminium producer is in the vanguard, there is every reason to expect that all heavy industrial will follow.”

Image: The Australian Independent Media Network

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