Twitter stock plunges 20% after 1m quit following cull of fake and offensive accounts: 70m+ of 320m

The Guardian reminds us that >50,000 Russia-linked accounts posted automated material about the 2016 US election, reaching at least 677,000 Americans.

“Twitter deleted more than 70m fake or offensive accounts in May and June, and has continued to delete accounts at a rate of 1m a day, according to research by the Washington Post. ”

The Washington Post reports that “Twitter’s increased suspensions also throw into question its estimate that fewer than 5 percent of its active users are fake or involved in spam, and that fewer than 8.5 percent use automation tools that characterize the accounts as bots. ….(Del Harvey, Twitter’s vice president for trust and safety) “said the crackdown has not had “a ton of impact” on the numbers of active user — which stood at 336 million at the end of the first quarter — because many of the problematic accounts were not tweeting regularly.”

Image: CNN YouTube screenshot

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