Report finding that fracking increases air pollution buried for 3 years by UK government, until…..

The Guardian reports that the Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) report is eventually quietly published 3 days after Caudrilla gets clearance to frack in Yorkshire.

“The report estimated that a fracking industry of 400 wells would increase national emissions of pollution, with nitrogen dioxides rising 1-4% and volatile organic compounds 1-3%. But it warned: “Impacts on local and regional air quality have the potential to be substantially higher than the national level impacts, as extraction activities are likely to be highly clustered.”

Prof Paul Monks of the University of Leicester and chair of the AQEG: “The thing that surprised me was you think the main sources of air pollution are going to be coming from the actual process of fracking, but it is as much all the industry – diesel generators, lorries running up and down roads, and all the stuff used to support it.”

And the very next day, another, very-much-related report: “Air pollution linked to changes in heart structure: Study shows correlation between levels of exposure to fine particulate matter and chamber enlargement seen in early stages of heart failure.”

Hands up all Brits willing to kill for shale gas.

Screenshot of FoE website, with text added based on their figures

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