First drone assassination attempt on a head of state ….It won’t be the last, says Wired

President Maduro of Venezuela survives blast from 2 drones each bearing 1 kg of explosive.

“…he suspects used two DJI M600 drones, each loaded down with 1 kilogram of C-4 explosive, capable of creating a blast radius of 50 meters. The DJI M600 is generally considered a professional-grade drone, primarily for filmmakers and photographers, but has a strong build, and can handle a relatively heavy payload.”

The article quotes Colin Clarke, international security policy analyst at the RAND corporation, on how easy this kind of attack now is: “The barriers to entry have been lowered so much that literally anyone with enough money to afford a drone and the technical competence of a 12-year-old can pull off an attempt like this.”

It quotes several security experts on how difficult it is to defend against such attacks.

It is clear that technical capabilities will increase rapidly. This attack was clearly nowhere near the level of sophistication that might be expected using military-grade micro-drones, or the kinds of “Slaughterbot” swarms depicted in the Campaign Against Killer Robots video.

Image: Time video screenshot

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